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Welcome to BK Attorney Services, LLC.

Outsourcing your mail is one of the most efficienct things you can do to streamline your practice. You will find that whether your are mailing our ten documents or five thousand, is there to meet your needs.

Efficiency is everything in the modern law office. Outsourcing your mail is one of the most effective steps you can take to maximize employee productivity. Freed from the tedious task of printing, collating, folding, stuffing, labeling, mailing, and stamping your documents, you will find that the free time we give you and your staff is a valuable resource to bring in new clients or do work that is billable.

In addition to mailing your documents, we also do asset background checks for your clients. It is a service we call Your registration allows you to use our entire suite of services.
Thinking of using your own address matrix? Please review these videos on how to create mailing lists that conform to our strict formatting requirements.
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BK Attorney Services began in the law offices of Jay S. Jump, known as the Jump Law Group. Since 2004, we have never advertised. We attend some of the shows at NABT, NACBA, and NACTT, but we don't do any other kind of marketing. Our company has gown exponentially solely by word of mouth. You, our client's, are our best advertising.

There is a 95% chance that you heard about us from someone else who was saying how great this service is. Would you please take the same step. We ask you to refer two people to us who you think could benefit from our services.

Your help in providing us with referrals allows us to keep our business growing and improving. Over the years we have been able to introduce more services because our clientele list has grown. We truly owe our success to people like you who take a moment to tell someone how much time you have saved by using Thank you.
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