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Please fill out the fields below to get an estimate of what your mailing project will cost.

1 How many PAGES are in the document(s) you intend to upload?
Our rate is dependant on the number of pages you are intending to upload.
Simply look at the page count in your pdf document(s) and input that number
of pages in the box at right.

2 How many parties will be receiving your documents? parties
This is another way of asking how many envelopes will we have to stuff?

3 Do you want us to print on one side or both sides?
If you elect to have us print one side only, more paper will be needed
adding weight to your outgoing mail. This can significantly increase the
cost of the postage incurred. You should choose 'both sides of the sheet'.

4 Do you want to print 1 page per side or 2 pages per side? NOTE: If you have already pre-reduced, select 'One'.
This will not affect your per-page cost. Our charges are based on how
many pages you submit in your original documents. Selecting two pages
per side per sheet of paper (2up) will save you money on postage.

Disclaimer & Use Agreement:
By clicking on the 'Get Estimate' button below, you (hereafter "User") agree to the following terms and conditions. This quote is for estimation purposes and is not a guarantee of cost for services. Quote is based on current information from User about the mailing project requirements. It does not constitute a review by BK Attorney Services, LLC for pricing on the actual cost of mailing a particular project. Many factors may or may not be known at the time of obtaining the estimate. Changes in addresses, changes in documents, international mail costs and other factors all influence the final cost of the service. Your usage of this estimation tool is at your own risk. BK Attorney Services, LLC in no way warranties or guarantees the accuracy of the cost estimator. Actual cost may change once project elements are finalized and submitted. BK Attorney Services, LLC is not bound by the Mailing Project Job Cost Estimator system. This feature is provided solely as a marketing tool to provide an approximate cost for potential mailing projects and is not intended to be binding in anyway on User or BK Attorney Services, LLC. Rush jobs are billed at twenty five cents per page with no discounts for postage or volume. If you have a Rush Job or Certified Mailing Job and need an estimate, please contact us directly at 509 412 1356. We will be happy to provide you with a quote at no charge. This estimate program assumes you have a Postal Acknowledgment Form (PAF) on file with us and that you are a registered user. If you need to fill out a PAF form in order to get your discounted postage rate, click here.

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