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As part of our work share arrangement with the United States Postal Service, we must keep on file a USPS - PAF form. This form authorizes us to process your mail for distribution in the USPS mailstream. More importantly, it is the way we are able to get postal discounts and to extend those savings to you.

In the past, we have asked you to manually fill out the form and send it in to us, but modern technology is here to stay and we've developed this simple 30 second form for you to fill out. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The collection of information on this Processing Acknowledgment Form (PAF) is required by the Privacy Act of 1974. The United States Postal Service (USPS) required that each NCOA Mail Processing Equipment Service Provider Licensee have a completed NCOA Link MPE PAF for each of tehir NCOA MPE customers prior to providing the NCOA Link MPE Service. The Licensee is also required by the USPS to retain a copy of the completed form for each of its customers and to obtain an updated PAF form from each of its customers at a minimum of once per year. Any signature upon this PAF shall be considered valid for all purposes and have the same effect whether it is an ink signed hardcopy of equivalent alternative.
Click here to read the full NCOA Link Information Package.
I, as the undersigned representative of:
Law Firm/Company Name:
Telephone Number
NAICS: (Law Firm is preferred)
Email Address:
USPS Mailer ID:
Parent Company Name (if applicable)
Company Website (optional)
do hereby acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the NCOA Link Mail Processing Equipment Information Package supplied to me by BK Attorney Services, LLC, and NCOA Link MPE Data User Licensee.

I also understand that the sole purpose of the NOCA Link MPE service is to provide:

(1) Mailpiece redirection (via re-addressing) due to customer moves for mailpieces that I have submitted to the Licensee for mailing;

(2) A mailpiece correction service (electronic return) for my customer addresses that will be used for preparation of future mailings. The mailpiece facsimiles that I have submitted to the Licensee will be returned within seven business days of processing, unless I authorize a longer time period in writing; OR

(3) Mailpiece address correction service in which mailpieces that obtain adrress correction information as a result of this process will be seperated from my mailing and returned either in the form hardcopy or photocopied mailpieces and returned within seven business days of processing by the Licensee, unless I authorize a longer time period in writing. The information provided to me for thsi service will be used for preparation of future mailings.

Furthermore, I understand that the NCOA Link MPE process may not be used to create or maintain new movers' lists.
Click here to read the full NCOA Link Information Package.
Identity of the Licensee:
Business Name (Mail Processor)
Name of Authorized Representative
eSignature (Sign and Submit)
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Your Title:
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By checking this box and clicking on the 'submit' button below, you are authorizing BK Attorney Services, LLC to handle your mailings per the rules determined by the USPS under their Domestic Mail Manual. Your check in this box constitutes your electronic signature under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act ("EUTA"), the U.S. Esign Act of 2000, and for residents of New York, Washington State, and Illinois, the Electronic Signatures and Records Act ("ESRA"), RCW 19.34 (The Washington Electronic Authentication Act), and 5 ICLS 175 (The Electronic Commerce Security Act), respectively.
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