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Limited Address Mailing
Remove all ( ' : ; () {} ) from your file names and form responses.
This form is for uploading a Limited Address Mailing Project. You may not need to mail to the entire master mailing matrix. Perhaps you just have a notice of deposition, request for production of documents, or some other mailing project that has a limited number of recipients. This form will allow you to upload your work to be mailed at our normal first class mail rate.
An * indicates a required field
Section 1: Your Account Information
Account Number:
Your Account Number is typically your BAR number or your phone number entered without any spaces, special characters, dashes, parentheses, etc.
Email of the person to send the confirmation receipt to:
Your Phone Number:
Ex: (206) 555-1212
Additional Email Addresses for other people you want
to receive BOTH the invoice and the certificate of service.
Section 2: Defining your return address and destination addresses
Return Address
Firm Name:
Attorney Name:
City, State Zip+4
Click Here to Set these values as defaults.
Minimum Charge Notice
There is a minimum charge of $3.00 for this service.
Delivery Address
Mail only to those on the .csv or .xls list that I am providing.
If you are providing a matrix that conforms to our strict format requirement, please select the file here.
City, State Zip:
This is NOT where your DOCUMENTS FOR MAILING go.
*Formatting Requirements:
You can use the template below to enter more than 4 addresses for mailing. You must save this file somewhere on your hard drive and then attach it this upload form using the file submit field above. If you have questions on how to prepare your mailing list, please feel free to contact us and we will walk you through it.
City, State Zip:
City, State Zip:
City, State Zip:
Section 3: Defining your USPS Mail Delivery method
First Class Full Rate
Your entire mailing list will be mailed at the first class rate depending on weight. 1 oz = .45 cents 2 oz = .65 cents
Certified Return Receipt Requested
Your entire mailing list will be sent certified mail, return receipt requested as well as First Class mail. There is a service charge of $25.00 for this option as well as the normal charges and additional postage.
Section 4: Certificate of Service Preparation Information
What type of proceeding is this?
What Jurisdiction will this be filed in?
Identify the Applicable Parties to your case:
Case Number
Main Case Number:
Federal Jurisdiction
BK Debtor:
BK Joint Debtor:
Adversary Case Number: (if any)
Adversary Plaintiff:
Adversary Defendant:
State Court Jurisdiction
In Re the Estate of:
No Court Proceeding (Basic Declaration)
Section 5: Upload your .pdf files for printing and service
(1) YOU MUST TITLE THE FILES THAT YOU UPLOAD! The title of the document is what will appear on your certificate! Be as descriptive as possible.
(2) YOU MUST PLACE YOUR FILES IN THE ORDER YOU WANT THEM PRINTED! Typically, this is Notice, Motion, Exhibit, and Order. We will print your documents in the order they are uploaded.
Section 6: Printing / Mailing / Document Preferences
This will not affect your per-page cost. Our charges are based on how many pages you submit in your original documents. Seleting two pages per side per sheet of paper (2up) will save you money on postage.
How many pages per side of paper?
Do you want us to send our Certificate of Service with your documents for mailing to the creditor matrix?
Most districts do not require you to send your certificate of service with your documents. If this is your situation, you should check the 'No' box. Checking yes means we print the certificate of service with your documents including the mailing matrix and attach it to the end of your documents. This can add in several additional pages of unnecessary printing and postage. If you don't need to send our certificate in your mailing, you should check 'No'.
No (Preferred)
When we return your .pdf certificate to you, would you like us to attach your submitted documents as well?
We can place your combined documents at the front of your certificate, so the certificate of service comes at the end of all your mailed documents. This can save you time in filing your documents on ECF if you have not already filed them. There is no charge for this service.
If you have a preference in what you want us to name the file that we send back to you as a .pdf, and which you file with the Court, please enter in the text box to the left. If blank, the name for your certificate will be 'COS.pdf'
Do you have a preference for what we name the certificate of service.pdf file we return to you?
Please name my certificate the following:
The cutoff time for getting a mailing out in todays mail is noon pacific standard time. This is equivalent to 1 p.m. MST, 2 p.m. C.S.T, and 3 p.m. EST.

Jobs which come in after that time are slated for mailing the next day. If you would like to send the job out today anyway, please check yes. However, you will be charged a RUSH PRIORITY fee of .25 cents per page with no postal or printing discounts applied.

Any job received after 4 p.m. PST will be slated for delivery the next day and revert to your normal print rate.
Send Document After the Cutoff Time
Schedule this job for normal mailing at my normal print rate.
Documents submitted AFTER noon pacific standard AND slated for mailing that same day will be charged at the rate of 25 cents per page.
This job must go out today regardless of the cutoff time. I understand I will be billed at the RUSH PRIORITY charge of 25 cents per page.
Documents submitted BEFORE noon pacific standard WILL be slated for mailing the same day at the normal print rate charge.
Section 7: Additional Information for your upload
If you have specific instructions or something you need for this job, please let us know in the text area to the right. We try to accomodate special requests whenever possible. We will let you know via direct email if we cannot assist you or if there will be an additional charge for your request.
Any modifications to the mailing list cannot be entered here. We CANNOT change the distribution list, we CANNOT make additions, deletions, or any other changes from this additional information section.

If you have modifications to the mailing list beyond what are provided for in the form, you are directed to make you own mailing list per the formating instructions and submit your own mailing list.

Any additional information regarding the mailing or address list must be addressed in the above matrix or exclusion section. Changes to the mailing list placed in the additional information cannot be processed.
144 Character Limit - no formatting - no additional addresses
Section 8: User Agreement and Submit your one off mailing project
BK Attorney Services, LLC USER AGREEMENT
By checking this box, you are certifying that you have read the User Agreement and Contract to the right and agree to be bound by the terms set forth therein. You agree to pay your invoice in accordance with the terms set forth in your credit card agreement.
Please enter the security code in the field below. For ease of use, only the characters 1-9 and A-F are printed. It is not case sensitive.
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