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Direct Mail Advertising
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This form is for uploading your direct mail advertising documents. Your marketing letters, newsletters, stop foreclosure notices, etc can be uploaded through this portal. These mailings will have a first class stamp affixed to the envelope.
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: Effective October 6, 2017 - Any mailing projects which require us to match your personalized letters to a personalized envelope (i.e. a match job) will be billed for handstuffing at the rate of $50.00 per hour.
Section 1: Your Account Information
Account Number:
Your Account Number is typically your BAR number or your phone number entered without any spaces, special characters, dashes, parentheses, etc.
Email of the person to send the confirmation receipt to:
Your Phone Number:
Ex: (206) 555-1212
Additional Email Addresses for other people you want
to receive BOTH the invoice and the certificate of service.
Section 2: Defining your return address and destination addresses
Return Address
Firm Name:
Attorney Name:
City, State Zip+4
Click Here to Set these values as defaults.
Delivery Address
*Formatting Requirements:
Mail to the parties on the attached mailing list.
You must follow the formatting guidelines.
We have tightened our formatting guidelines. If you would like us to mail to a list that you provide, it must adhere to our strict formatting guidelines. To view what those guidelines are, please click on the link to view a pop-up webpage on how to format your mailing list. If we receive your mailing list and it is not in the proper format, we will assess a $5.00 charge for reformatting your mailing list. We reserve the right to reject the mailing list if it is not reasonably conformable to our format.
Please Read
This is NOT where your DOCUMENTS FOR MAILING go.
Our most common column naming convention:
Most of our clients upload an excel file of address divided by Name, Address, City, State, and Zip.
We will be happy to accept your mailing list in that format. We will then convert the header lines into our format and process the envelopes for you.
Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Address5
Section 3: Defining your USPS Mail Delivery method
First Class Full Rate (Hand Stamp)
We will hand stamp your mailing job so that it has a higher chance of opening. Permit Marketing Mail has a very low open rate and you need to maximize your value.
Section 4: Certificate of Service Preparation Information
We will provide you with an invoice indicating that the mailing has been completed.
Section 5: Upload your .pdf file for printing and service
(1) YOU MUST TITLE THE FILES THAT YOU UPLOAD! The title of the document is what will appear on your certificate! Be as descriptive as possible.
Section 6: Printing / Mailing / Document Preferences
Do you want us to print on both sides of the sheet? Front and Back or just one side?
The default is set such that we will print both sides of a sheet of paper. This is called 'duplex' printing. If you elect to have us print one side only, more paper will be needed adding weight to your outgoing mail. This can significantly increase the cost of the postage incurred. We always recommend duplex printing.
Print on the Front side only.
Print Front and Back sides.
Color Print Rates are currently .49 cents per page/side.
Shall we print your documents in Color or Black and White?
B & W
Section 7: Additional Information for your upload
If you have specific instructions or something you need for this job, please let us know in the text area to the right. We try to accomodate special requests whenever possible. We will let you know via direct email if we cannot assist you or if there will be an additional charge for your request.
Any modifications to the mailing list cannot be entered here. We CANNOT change the distribution list, we CANNOT make additions, deletions, or any other changes from this additional information section.

If you have modifications to the mailing list beyond what are provided for in the form, you are directed to make you own mailing list per the formating instructions and submit your own mailing list.

Any additional information regarding the mailing or address list must be addressed in the above matrix or exclusion section. Changes to the mailing list placed in the additional information cannot be processed.
144 Character Limit - no formatting - no addresses
Section 8: User Agreement and Submit the Direct Mail Advertising Project
BK Attorney Services, LLC USER AGREEMENT
By checking this box, you are certifying that you have read the User Agreement and Contract to the right and agree to be bound by the terms set forth therein. You agree to pay your invoice in accordance with the terms set forth in your credit card agreement.
Please enter the security code in the field below. For ease of use, only the characters 1-9 and A-F are printed. It is not case sensitive.
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